CyFract Smart Tube

CyFract uses an innovative cyclone technology, which for the first time enables the efficient use of fluid forces to separate suspended particles from water.

Cyclone technology is familiar to many through the Dyson cyclone vacuum cleaner. This creates a cyclone vortex: the dust is thrown to the outside and the air is cleaned in this way. When cleaning water, however, it is often necessary to separate suspended particles - i.e. particles with a density similar to that of water. Existing cyclones cannot separate suspended particles: They are not captured by the centrifugal force. Instead, they rotate in a cyclone vortex on almost any path around the center of rotation.

The CyFract Smart Tube follows a new approach: In a cyclone vortex, conditions are created under which suspended particles are forced outwards together with particles of higher density and then separated. Such a hydrocyclone consists - to put it simply - of a tube. This tube, however, has a special internal geometry which creates flow conditions that enable particle separation.

This works because the CyFract Smart Tube makes optimal use of the occuring fluid force. This kind of fluid force which occurs on objects in a flow of fluid is also commonly known as a buoyancy force. It is what makes an airplane fly.


The CyFract Smart Tube is characterized by its specific strengths...

  • Low complexity
  • High environmental sustainability
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Low risk of breakdown

...attractive for a variety of applications

  • Water pre-treatment in desalination plants
  • Treatment of pit water from mines
  • Cooling water treatment for industrial plants
  • Separation of micro plastics