Helen Orgis

M. Sc. Corporate Communication
B2B Marketing,
Market & Ecosystem Strategies

Helen Orgis brings more than two decades of brand development and B2B marketing experience spanning diverse industries. Beginning her journey in the automotive sector, she later contributed her expertise to dynamic telecommunications and technology brands like Vodafone, PTC, and diconium. With pivotal roles at the EMEA level, she has gained valuable insights into leading multicultural teams. In 2020, Helen embarked on her freelance journey as a go-to-market consultant within the German startup ecosystem. In late 2021, she became a part of CyFract.Apart from her corporate achievements, Helen is a respected author in specialized literature and a sought-after keynote speaker.

Her written works delve into contemporary marketing subjects, while her speaking engagements tackle pressing themes such as Women in Tech, work-life integration, and the importance of innovation ecosystems. Helen is an alumna of the MIT Sloan School of Business and holds a Master of Science in Corporate Communication.

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