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With over 2 billion people lacking access to clean water, the demand for affordable and efficient water filtration technologies has never been greater. In addition, with microplastics contaminating our oceans, waterways, and even our food chain, it is imperative that we take action now to mitigate the potential devastating effects on both our environment and our health.

While traditional water filtration technologies have made progress in removing many pollutants, they often fail to adequately address the issue of microplastics due to their small size and pervasive presence – and if they do, immense amounts of energy need to be spent. CyFract’s patented Smart Tube, utilizing cutting-edge cyclone technology, offers a game-changing solution to this pressing issue. With its ability to separate suspended particles from water in a cost-effective manner, CyFract’s solution has the potential to revolutionize the water filtration industry, while also addressing the interconnected challenges of energy and water security.

Join us at CyFract and be a part of the solution to one of the greatest challenges facing our world today.

The Technology

CyFract’s Smart Tube

CyFract’s Smart Tube is a game-changing, patented technology that utilizes innovative cyclone technology to separate suspended particles from water more efficiently than ever before.

With its optimized internal geometry, the Smart Tube can be used in a variety of applications, from wastewater treatment to desalination. In addition to being cost-effective and low-maintenance, the Smart Tube’s ability to separate particles of varying densities makes it an ideal solution for industries such as mining, oil and gas, and agriculture, where water quality is crucial for both environmental sustainability and operational efficiency.

The water passes through a special pipe, the flow is optimized to a degree not thought possible, particles accumulate near the outer wall and two water flow components leave the construction space in the same direction. […] So that dirt particles can be separated in a targeted manner – even particles that are lighter than water.

~ SPRIND on CyFract

The Team

Tayyar Bayraczi CyFract

Tayyar Bayrakci

B. Eng. Renewable Energies & Electrical Engineering,
Master of Boatbuilding
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Felix Ziegler CyFract

Felix Ziegler

Dipl. Ing. (FH)
Mechanical Engineering/ Automation Technology
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Jonas Reinelt CyFract

Jonas Reinelt

M. Sc. Mechanical Engineering
M. Sc. Energy and Process Engineering
Embedded Systems, IoT & Electrical Engineering
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