Jonas Reinelt

M. Sc. Mechanical Engineering
Embedded Systems, IoT & Electrical Engineering

With a strong academic background from Technical University Munich, specializing in Mechanical Engineering with a high affinity to IT topics, Jonas Reinelt has a demonstrated passion for renewable energies, industrial 3D printing, and environmental sciences. Leveraging technical skills in CAD construction and several programming languages he has engaged in innovative projects including the construction of a Fractal Heat Exchanger in the StartUp JustAirTech and the development of ground tools for the MOVE II satellite project of the TUM.

Professional experiences range from IoT Network Administration at Stadtwerke M├╝nchen GmbH to contract prototyping and construction in a personal business venture. Jonas‘ international exposure includes studies in Chile, Finland, and the USA, reflecting a global perspective. Alongside professional pursuits, Jonas is actively involved in social projects and has a keen interest in climate change mitigation and any form of technology.

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